SCOOTNET | NBN plans, Broadband internet, SmartDSL, SmartPBX and SmartShare.

SCOOTNET provides quality NBN plans, Broadband internet, SmartDSL, SmartPBX and SmartShare. Enjoy super fast internet and bandwidth optimisation solutions.

Scootnet provides fast internet, NBN, High-Speed Fibre, Bandwidth optimisation tools, Cloud PBX and VOIP services. With an ever increasing number of businesses switching to cloud-based solutions to streamline operations, improve mobility, and outsource infrastructure, the quality and capacity of your internet plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of this change.


Cloud PBX for hassle free business phone systems


sprintnet NBN

Super fast internet powered by NBN via Fibre


Dynamic bandwidth optimisation for busy offices


DynamicHigh quality VOIP trunk for businesses

Bonded DSL

SmartBond Icon

Increase your internet speed by bonding multiple ADSL



Business grade High-speed ADSL2+ prioritised for voip


  •  QUALITY VOIP – premium quality VoIP services for businesses that demand it.
  •  SECURE – integrated security protects your data and communication privacy.
  •  CLOUD PBX – easily integrate our SmartPBX for a total business voice solution.
  •  24/7 Support – a quality voice service backed by quality support when you need it.
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  •  AUTO ATTENDANT – an auto attendant takes care of connecting the call to the right destination.
  •  CONFERENCE – the conference room of ScootPBX can connect several callers into an audio conference.
  •  MAILBOX – mailbox messages and delivered directly to the user by email or message waiting notification.
  •  ENCRYPTION – TLS encryption helps organisations avoid costly security breaches from call interception.
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No NBN in your area?

Problem solved with Scootnet Bonded Internet.

Let us fix your slow internet woes.